Keep Philanthropic Day Going by Helping The Blue Santa Project

A few days ago we celebrated National Philanthropy Day, but then we thought ‘why stop at just one day’? National Philanthropy Day is celebrated around the world on November 15th to recognize individuals and organizations that volunteer their time and resources to help others.


Philanthropy makes change for the better possible. It connects people and inspires others to do more. At Biscoe Insurance Group, Inc. we’re on a mission to do even more than we have before. And the holiday season is the perfect time to focus on giving instead of receiving, of taking a little energy from our own endeavors and putting it towards others.

Though the holidays are a joyous time for most people, for the less fortunate it can be a trying ordeal. Simply staying warm can be a challenge for some people. Children from low-income families are just as mesmerized and hopeful as all the other kids, but they don’t have presents under a tree or stockings by a fireplace.

One deserving organization we plan to work with this holiday season is the Operation Blue Santa Program.

About Operation Blue Santa

Numerous Austin organizations have joined forces to create Operation Blue Santa, a local non-profit that helps families in need during the Christmas holiday. Operation Blue Santa began in 1972 when the organization helped 20 families by providing full holiday meals along with presents for all the kids under 14 years old. Today, their work has grown substantially with over 3,500 families being included in the festivities last year.

At the heart of Operation Blue Santa is the Austin Police Department, which is supported by the Austin Fire Department, Texas National Guard, Austin Energy and Austin Water. But nothing that they do would be possible without donations and volunteerism from locals, businesses and sponsors.

Get Involved with the Operation Blue Santa Program

There are lots of ways that you can support Operation Blue Santa this holiday season.


Monetary donations can be made either online or by mail if you plan to pay by check. You can choose to make a donation in whatever amount you like or choose one of the selections that start at $25. It costs roughly $125,000 in food, wrapping supplies, gifts and more for Operation Blue Santa to operate each year so every dollar counts.

You can also donate toys to the organization. Take a look at the Toy Donations page to find toy drop off sites.


Giving your time is just as valuable to the organization. In the weeks leading up to Delivery Day on December 14th there are a number of fundraising events and a lot of preparation is needed. Volunteers will help with sorting donations, wrapping presents, boxing everything up for delivery and more. Even kids can come out to help, so make it a family philanthropic affair!


Business sponsors play a pivotal role in helping Operation Blue Santa make sure they can help all the families that are in need this year. In addition to providing much needed support sponsors are crucial to putting on fundraising events for the charity.

Through the years people have been very vocal about their love for this organization and its work. The joy people get by helping Operation Blue Santa is worth all the presents under their own tree. Keep National Philanthropy Day going all the way through Christmas by supporting Operation Blue Santa.

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