Safely Celebrate Go for a Ride Day on Your Motorcycle

Two days from now motorcyclist can rejoice in their favorite pastime during Go for a Ride Day. The unofficial holiday gives you good reason to get out and simply enjoy the open road. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the last bit of fall before winter officially sets in and the holidays take hold.


But before you put the rubber to the road put safety first.

Conduct a Proper Motorcycle Safety Inspection

If you took a motorcycle safety course you may remember the section about safety inspections. Be honest, do you check everything out before each ride? This time be sure to give everything a once over. Check your:

  • Lights – headlight, taillight, brake light and blinkers
  • Fluids – oil, hydraulic fluids and coolant
  • Tires – check the pressure and look for wear and tear
  • Mirrors – adjust them before heading out
  • Brakes – both the front and the back brake should be firm
  • Clutch – should move smoothly but feel tight
  • Throttle – should roll back smoothly and snap in place once released
  • Horn – make sure its loud and clear

One last thing – check the weather before heading out. Knowing what to expect from the weather can help you prepare with the right protective gear.

Make Sure Your Motorcycle Insurance is Up-to-Date

Once people get motorcycle insurance some go into set it and forget it mode. Like all your insurance policies, keeping your motorcycle insurance up-to-date is the smartest route to take. Here are a few scenarios when you definitely want to take another look at your policy to make sure it’s adequate.

  • You got a new motorcycle
  • You added accessories to your bike
  • You’re interested in roadside assistance
  • You’ve got a partner riding on back but no Personal Injury Protection
  • You’re taking a trip and your bike is taking you there
  • You plan to visit our international neighbors to the south or north

Adequate motorcycle insurance is like protective gear for your bike. When you’re suiting up with your leathers and helmet make sure your motorcycle is covered too.

Dangers to Watch Out for on Go for a Ride Day

  • Don’t let your relaxing ride get derailed by these dangers.
  • This celebration of everything with wheels will bring out more drivers than normal. You’ll need to be extra precautious watching out for others.
  • Plot out your path beforehand to avoid any unexpected issues like road construction. In a place like central Texas construction is a constant roadblock.
  • The holiday season is right around the corner, but there could be people getting merry a little early.
  • Deer can dart out in front of a bike just as easily as a car. They are in abundance in the Austin area, and November is the month with the most deer-related accidents.

There’s a popular cyclist saying “Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.” Have fun doing a little safe soul searching this Go for a Ride Day.

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