Use Road Side Assistance as a Safety Net

During the holidays there are a lot of ways you can safeguard yourself against car problems while you’re on the road. But no matter how carefully you inspect your car for winter incidents can still occur when you least expect them. There’s only one surefire way to ensure you don’t get stranded – roadside assistance.

roadsideThe Need for Roadside Assistance is Greater During the Winter

There’s never a good time for a breakdown. But during the cold winter months a simple car problem can become an emergency situation. Exposure to the elements is much more severe so getting back indoors as quickly as possible can be critical.

Plus, with all the additional holiday travel you’re more likely to breakdown for the simple fact that you’re on the road more. Likewise, a breakdown could cause you to miss a flight or delay a trip altogether. For these reasons, roadside assistance is all the more important during the winter months.

Getting Roadside Assistance on Your Auto Insurance

There’s a chance that roadside assistance is already covered on your comprehensive auto insurance policy. Before signing up for a service look through your policy and call the provider if you have any questions. Sometimes it’s included and other times it can be added on as an additional service. Companies like Allstate offer a selection of roadside assistance plans that vary in cost and offer a wide range of services.

If you get a flat tire, run out of gas or get in an accident all you’ll have to do is call your insurance company or contact them through a mobile app and they’ll get a tow truck to you ASAP.

Other Roadside Assistance Options

Here are other ways to get a roadside assistance plan. Carefully weigh not only the price but also the reliability of the service.

  • Car manufacturers – When you buy a car from a dealer roadside assistance may be included or could be added for an additional expense. One thing to watch out for is they may only tow the vehicle to the nearest dealership.
  • Cellular service providers – A number of mobile providers are now offering roadside assistance. But do be aware that the phone with the plan may have to be in the vehicle or you may not be able to use the service.
  • Credit card companies – These companies offer a lot of inventive incentive programs and rewards, one of which is roadside assistance. Check with your providers to see if the service is included.
  • Auto Clubs – AAA is the best known of the auto clubs. You usually have to pay an annual membership, however Allstate’s Good Hands Roadside Assistance includes options where you only pay per use of the service.

Preparation is important, but knowing that you have a reliable backup is the ultimate way to ensure you’re prepared to handle a breakdown. Because you never know what will put you on the side of the road, the more comprehensive and flexible your roadside assistance plan is the better. Read over the fine print carefully looking for what types of incidents are included and what stipulations or limitation could hinder a roadside rescue.

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