When Halloween Tricks Go Too Far – How to Avoid Halloween Mishaps

If you’ve dealt with Halloween pranksters in the past, it may have left you with a bad taste in your mouth despite the candy. This October 31st you can take steps to better protect your property from people that are out for tricks not treats.


Halloween mishaps most often fall under one word – vandalism. Another possible result that could affect your property is injury – either to yourself or the pranksters. Below are ways to avoid both problems whether your home or car is the target for mischief.

How to Protect Your Home on Halloween

Put out “No Trespassing” and “Beware of Dog” signs – These signs will make people think twice before sneaking into your yard or on your property.

Keep the lights on – This will make it appear like someone may still be up and around, and could help you catch pranksters in the act. This will also help trick-or-treaters get to and from your door more safely. Outdoor motion detector lights are also very good idea any day of the year.

Have neighbors keep an eye out if you’re not at home – If you’ll be away during Halloween ask a neighbor to keep watch in case someone does vandalize your property so you can handle the situation ASAP.

Organize a neighborhood watch – Halloween is one of the best nights of the year to have residents of the neighborhood take turns going around in pairs to keep a watch and discourage pranksters from preying in your area.

Put out security system signs and set your alarm – Setting an alarm and letting people know it’s protected with signage will deter people from coming near your home. If you don’t have a system but have been thinking about getting one, having it installed before Halloween is a good time to make the investment.

Disable your doorbell – If possible turning your doorbell off will dissuade pranksters from sticking around and doorbell ditching. There have also been reports of pranksters tampering with doorbells so that they stick and keep ringing.

How to Protect Your Vehicle on Halloween

Get comprehensive car insurance – Unlike basic liability or collision coverage, comprehensive auto insurance covers you if your vehicle is vandalized.

Park the vehicle in the garage if possible – Even if you have to move things out temporarily to make room, the best way to protect your car from pranksters is to get it in the garage.

Park in well-lit areas – If you are away from home, don’t have a garage or can’t get the car in one, at the very least park the car under a streetlight or other well-lit area.

Park in the driveway, not off the street – Drive-by pranksters tossing pumpkins or swinging bats will have a much harder time getting to your car if it’s off the street.

Activate your car alarm – If you have a car alarm make sure it’s turned on and working properly.

If despite your best efforts you find that Halloween tricksters have egged, creamed or TP’d your house or car, clean it as quickly as possible so that it doesn’t cause permanent damage. If your property is damaged get in touch with your insurance provider ASAP as well. Keep in mind there may be a longer wait than usual since lots of people wind up on the trick end of All Hollow’s Eve.

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