Simplify Home and Car Upkeep with a Maintenance Reminder

Put home and car maintenance on autopilot with the help of Allstate’s Maintenance Reminder tool. All you have to take care of is the initial setup and then the Allstate Maintenance Reminder tool keeps you on schedule. You can even learn about important maintenance needs you may have overlooked before.

indexLet’s check out exactly how this free tool works and how it helps every car or homeowner regardless of whether or not you have an Allstate insurance account.

Getting Started with the Allstate Maintenance Reminder

Setting up the Allstate Maintenance Reminder is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. The first step is to provide some basic information to create an account. During the setup you can choose how you want to receive reminders: text, email or both. Accept the terms of agreement and you’re ready to start using the Allstate Maintenance Reminder!

Putting Together a Maintenance Calendar

Next start adding items you want to get maintenance reminders for like your home or car. You can also add custom assets as well, which is a nice addition for anyone who owns a boat, motorcycle, etc. When adding an item you’ll give it a name and provide a few details, such as whether your house has a basement, to generate a customized maintenance list.

The list will include a number of common maintenance concerns and pre-set dates for each. There’s also a function for adding your own custom maintenance reminders. To remove an item from the list, simply click the grey box next to the blue “ON” button. You can always bring the item back up on your dashboard by selecting “View All Reminders” at the top.

There are two ways to edit a maintenance task.

1.)  Click on the date to adjust when a reminder is due, select how frequently you want a reminder to occur and to make notes.

2.)  Click the arrow to the right of the “ON” button to edit, change the reminder date or mark the task as complete.

Each task also has a link to more information about why the maintenance for an item is important, how often maintenance should be done and provides access to even more information.

Reminders and Alerts That You Won’t Miss

The best part about the Allstate Maintenance Reminder is with automatic reminders you’ll never forget about an important car or home maintenance to-do ever again. Even during busy times of year like the holidays reminders will be front and center without you ever having to think about it. One setup is all it takes for year round updates.

Of course, things change – you buy a new home, get a new phone number or no longer have an asset needing maintenance. You can always easily update your account to change where and when the alerts are sent, and the dashboard and calendar views on your account give you a quick look at items that are set for a certain month or the entire year.

Regular home and car maintenance extends the life of your systems and can save you serious cash in the long run. The Allstate Maintenance Reminder has you covered even if you didn’t know something needed to be done.

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