Personal Umbrella

Because Accidents Happen

If you’re involved in a car accident, your auto insurance will provide protection up to the policy limits. If a house guest is injured while visiting you, your home insurance will protect you up to the values you’ve set. But what happens when your legal liabilities exceed your auto or home policy limits?

A personal umbrella policy works with your existing liability coverage to provide additional protection. This policy closes any coverage gaps by offering protection above and beyond your other insurance policies.

Enjoy added protection without a hefty price tag

If you’re sued over an incident that occurs in your home or on the road, can you afford the legal costs and the lost wages if you have to appear in court? Your Personal Umbrella Protection (PUP) can help you with these costs.

Get $1 million in protection for as low as $150 per year. Contact us today to find out if a PUP is right for you!