Who to Call When Holiday Packages Don’t Arrive

Ordering holiday gifts online has become just about as common as buying in-stores these days, especially with all the great Cyber Monday deals. If you’re like us you eagerly await for the packages to arrive, tracking them as they make their way to the door.

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But every now and then holiday packages don’t arrive when they’re supposed to or are so banged up they’re basically destroyed. Insurance companies often get calls with clients filing claims on the stolen or damaged package. Unfortunately, even if the homeowner ordered the item, mailed packages aren’t covered under home insurance. The item isn’t yet in the home and isn’t listed as personal property on the insurance policy.

What to do When Holiday Packages Go Missing

Still waiting on that holiday package that was supposed to arrive days ago? If it still hasn’t made it within a day or so of when it was supposed to arrive here’s what to do:

  • Check the tracking number first if you have one. Sometimes the status will change, especially in busy seasons.
  • If it is showing that the package was delivered giving the shipper a call ASAP. Confirm that the package was in fact delivered and the person who delivered it. Report that the package has apparently been stolen.
  • Check with the sender to see if insurance was purchased. If you don’t have insurance chances are you will only be reimbursed for the cost of the shipping as long as you have the receipt for it.
  • Next contact the person or business you bought them item through. Companies like PayPal have been known to reimburse people for items that get stolen or lost during the shipping process, and Amazon will send a replacement.
  • If that didn’t rectify the situation give your credit card company a call if it was used to make the purchase. There’s a chance, depending on the company, that they’ll remove the charge.
  • It’s also a good idea to report the incident to the local police.
  • If it shows that the package hasn’t yet arrived but it is days late there’s a good chance it was lost somewhere along the way. A call to the shipper to alert them of the problem is the best step to take. After that be diligent in tracking the package and keep contacting the shipper if the status doesn’t change.

What to do When Holiday Packages Arrive Damaged

When a package does arrive but it is completely beat up and damaged that’s a whole other ball game. Here’s how to handle damaged packages.

  • Before moving or opening the package to check on the item inside take pictures of it from all sides. This will help support your claim of the condition it arrived in.
  • First contact the sender – they may have to provide documentation for the following steps. The sender may also send a replacement right away to make up for the damaged item.
  • Next contact the shipper to issue a damage claim.
  • The shipper may want to check out the package to figure out if this was something that was their fault or because the person or business sending the item didn’t package it correctly. Their findings will be sent to the sender not the receiver.
  • If the shipper was found to be in fault they will reimburse the sender, not the receiver. It’s important that you keep in contact with the sender to either receive reimbursement yourself or a replacement item. Businesses like eBay have buyer protection plans and will work with the seller to rectify the situation.

Shipping Insurance is Your Best Bet

The insurance offered by the shipper will give you the best protection on packages being mailed to your home. This addition is always recommended on high priced items like electronics or fragile items that can easily break in transit.

Check with the business or individual you are buying from to see if they plan to purchase shipping insurance or if it is included with the shipping cost you paid. If not request that insurance be purchased, but expect that it will cost you a few extra dollars that are well worth it.

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