What Water Damage is Typically Covered on Homeowners Insurance?

Water is one of the most harmful elements for a home. It may seem innocent enough while you’re watering your lawn or taking a shower, but water can cause structural damage, unsightly blemishes, create mold, destroy flooring and more.


Water damage claims are quite common in the insurance world. However, not all types of water damage are covered under every Austin homeowners insurance policy. Some are more likely to be covered than others, which leads many people to question what types of water damage are usually covered by insurance.

Burst Pipes and Leaks – Typically Covered
Water damage from pipes is usually covered. This is why homes that have updated plumbing systems (and less chance of water problems) will typically have lower insurance premiums. However, if you didn’t take precautions to prevent the problem your claim may be denied. An example of this would be a pipe freezes and burstes because you left your home unheated.

Water Damage From Appliances – Typically Covered
Sudden leaking from an appliance that is not due to improper upkeep is typically covered under your homeowners insurance.

Roof Leaks – Typically Covered
When water leaks through your roof the damage to your home is usually covered as well as damage to your belongings. The roof repairs will be covered if an external factor like hail or a fallen tree caused the roof leak. If it is a maintenance issue that led to the leak you will likely have to cover the roof repairs yourself.

Flood Damage – Not Covered
Floods are rare, but when they do occur they can cause significant damage and even destroy a home entirely in a matter of minutes. Flood insurance is not a part of regular home insurance in Texas. If you live in a floodplain or want the additional coverage you will have to get a flood insurance policy in addition to your homeowners insurance. Contact the National Flood Insurance Program to learn more about obtaining flood insurance.

Backed Up Drain or Sewer Line – Not Covered
Damage from a backed up sewer line or drain, is not covered on standard home insurance policies. However, you can add this coverage on with an endorsement. It will be an additional cost, but it provides additional coverage.

Ground Water Seepage – Not Covered
When water floods into a basement or causes foundation problems because of seepage from ground water this is considered a maintenance issue not an accident. Therefore, most insurance companies don’t include seepage in their policies. To avoid this problem make sure sprinklers don’t spray on the house and cause puddles near the foundation, and adjust your landscaping so that the ground slopes away from the house.

Mold – Possibly Covered
Mold is often a result of water damage, and it can begin to develop within a day or two. If mold is caused by a type of water damage that is covered by your insurance policy than mold removal is usually covered as well. Like sewer line and backed up drains, you can also get additional coverage specifically for mold remediation added on to your policy so you’re covered anytime it occurs.

Again, each person’s insurance policy is different. It’s important that you carefully review your policy to understand what water damage is covered, what isn’t, if associated damage is covered and the repair/replacement limits for each.

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